Painting 2017 - 2018, Augusta Atla van Fogh


publication / artist book

limited edition of 500

30 pages, 19 x 26 cm

signed & numbered



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Painting is the beginning


the first attempts


to nurse, to embrace, to map and understand the wounds and mistakes


of history





Painting is the beginning


the first attempts


(strokes of sanity)


to erase, to elevate, to excel and invent new lines


for society’s rebirth





A painter


may have the reputation of being excluded and drawn to herself,


but within her making


her painting


is for the concern of all





Enter, enter, go in


the landscape of painting


awaits you


bright and open


shinning on the walls of the end





The colour of colour


the delight of vision


the Nature Morte of our perception


pinned, nailed and soaked into the piece of canvas





Forget about the orbit, the sun and the diamant ...


The painting


takes you to the very seamstress of Being


freed of the constant need of the body to survive





At some point throughout a person’s life


one should acquire a painting


- and a good one -


and then use it, look at it, stare at it, dwell by it,


it will function like an Icon of Life

2018 copyright, all rights reserved augusta atla + member of VISDA