Augusta Atla

painter / visual artist (dk)

Delos, Greece, 2019
Cave, the Origin of Painting


For Augusta Atla, the artwork functions as a visual mediator of emotional energy and can as an object help or open to release cluttered emotions and thus function as an object of healing, to boost new energy, give new mental clarity or let us undergo Catharsis.

The art making for Augusta is intuitive and composition and color is a work of ‘energy’, transmitting energy. 

The idea and virtues of Art for Augusta Atla, is to create a spiritual 'Garden', a free space where we can meditate on who we are, and give us mental space to approximate inner freedom and thus not fear Death. 

The medium of oil and tempera painting, its idea of being ever lasting (to endure centuries physically) is very important to Augusta Atla, e.g. the artwork is understood as a sacred object of contemplation for centuries of generations to come. 

The form of painting, its need to be handcrafted and dealt with care and precisely - even if handed literally hard and rough - is crucial to Augusta. The idea and virtue of the scale of the body, its trace on the surface of the painting, it’s lived life with the artist - the trace of the present of the artist is essential to her work. And historically links to the first Cave Paintings of Europe - to leave trace of our fears and virtues of a civilization unto a surface. 

IMAGES FROM research trip at

DELOS, GR, 2019


Augusta Atla is a painter and visual artist, born in 1979, Copenhagen, Denmark, and currently living in Copenhagen. Augusta made art since she was 14 years old and art is a natural part of who she is.

Augusta lived in London, UK between 2003 - 2007. Augusta received a BA in Fine Art from Goldsmith’s, Uni of London, UK in 2006 and a MA in Art History from Architectural Association, London, UK in 2008. She was granted Award of Excellence by the Fine Art faculty of Goldsmiths, Uni. of London in 2006 and also granted Horsens Kunstmuseum Art Award in 2007.


From 2007 - 2016, Augusta travelled across Europe, she lived in Venice, Rome, Milan, Paris and Athens, visiting the artworks of the European Masters, researching religious iconography, and exploring the history of Greek Antiquity that all still influence and make up her artwork today.

Augusta lived full time in Athens Greece btween 2014 - 2016. Augusta founded, curated and ran/directed MAISON d'ART CONTEMPORAIN ATHÈNES / MACA at Athens, Greece btween 2014 - 2016.

In 2019 Augusta travelled to Delos, Greece to study further ancient greek sculpture. 


Augusta's paintings, prints, collages, sculptures and drawings are in private collections in UK, FR, DK, GR, IT, UAE, CH, USA, ES. Currently around 20 artworks of hers are part of public museum collections.


Augusta has exhibited solo and group shows in galleries, museums, art institutions, art fairs, contemporary festivals and kunsthalle in Denmark, Norway, Germany, The Netherlands, Spain, Greece, France, Italy (see full cv, link above).


Augusta Atla's artworks' dealers between 2006 - 2018 are the galleries CAN Gallery (gr), AD Gallery (gr), Galleri Christoffer Egelund (DK), Banja Rathnov Gallery (DK), Charlotte Fogh Gallery (dk), Avlskarl Gallery (dk), Specta Gallery (dk), and the auction houses Paddle8 and Bruun Rasmussen (dk).


Selected exhibitions


Viborg Kunsthal

REMAP4 Contemporary Art Festival

Fundació Antoni Tàpies


Horsens Kunstmuseum


Michael Cacoyannis Foundation

Banja Rathnov Gallery (dk)


Institutional or museum art collections

The Danish Art Council, Denmark

Horsens Kunstmuseum, Denmark

Randers Kunstmuseum, Denmark

The Danish Parliament, Denmark

Dimitris Daskalopoulos Collection, Greece

VIR Via-Farini, Milan, Italy


Business' art collections

Montana Furniture (dk), MC Invest (dk), Novo Nordisk Kunstforening (dk), Topdanmark (dk), Rockwool Kunstforening (dk), Ministeriernes Kunstforening (dk), Folketingets Kunstforening (dk), Nykredit (dk) ... and more


Private art collections




Goldsmiths College Excellence Award, Uni. of London, in 2006

Horsens Kunstmuseum Award (DK) in 2007



MA ART HISTORY & THEORY (2006 - 2007) - Architectural Association, London, UK

BA FINE T (2003 - 2006) - Goldsmiths, University of London, UK

BA ARCHITECTURE (1999 - 2002) - The Royal Academy, School of Architecture, CPH, DK

INTERNSHIP, Matthew Barney Studio, NYC, US in the summer 2005


Solo shows

Viborg Kunsthal, Denmark + Banja Rathnov Gallery, Copenhagen, Denmark + Sterna Residences, Greece + REMAP4 Contemporary Art Festival, Athens, Greece + Horsens Kunstmuseum, Denmark + The Danish Institute at Athens, Greece + Tptp Space, Paris, France + Gallery Specta, Copenhagen, Denmark + Volta6 Art Fair, Switzerland + Tou Scene, Stavanger, Norway


Group shows

David Risley Gallery, DK + Huset i Asnæs, DK + Format Galleri, DK + Hørsholm Kunstforening, DK + Drawing Biennale, Oslo, NO + Snetha GR + Randers Kunstmuseum, Denmark + CAN GALLERY, GR + ART ATHINA ART FAIR, Athens, GR + Horsens Kunstmuseum, DK + MAISON MACA, GR + Vingt Paris event, Paris, FR + New Shelter Plan, DK + Charlotte Fogh Gallery, Denmark + Akademie der Künste, Berlin, Germany + Gallery Christoffer Egelund, DK + Fundació Antoni Tàpies, Barcelona, Spain + Tallinna Kunstihoone, Estonia + Museet for Samtidskunst, Denmark + ALT_CPH, Copenhagen, Denmark + AD gallery, GR + Athens Video Art Festival, Greece + Gallery Specta, Copenhagen, Denmark + Brandts Museum of Photography, Odense, Denmark + Center for Contemporary Art, NL + Charlottenborg Kunsthal, Copenhagen, Denmark + Stamperia del Tevere, Rome, IT + Change and Partner Gallery, Rome, Italy + Artists Space, New York, USA + LMN Gallery, Oslo, Norway + Castles Gallery, London, UK + Numbers Gallery, London, UK + House Gallery, London, UK


Live performance

PAO Festival, Oslo, NO + Institut du Monde Arabe, Paris, France + REMAP4, Contemporary Art Festival, Athens, Greece + Michael Cacoyannis Foundation, Athens, Greece + Melanithros Gallery, Athens, Greece + The Danish Institute at Athens, Athens, Greece + Dora Stratou Collection, Athens, Greece + VOLTA6 ART FAIR, Basel + TPTP Space, Paris, FR + Charlottenborg Kunsthal, Copenhagen, DK + Gallery Specta, Copenhagen, DK + Accademia di Belle Arti, Venice, Ieal LMN Gallery, Oslo, Norway + Horsens Kunstmuseum, Horsens, DK + Uni. of Manitoba, Winnipeg, Canada + Tou Scene, Stavanger, Norway + Castles Gallery, London, UK + urban Performance, London, UK + MAISON MACA, Athens, GR



The Danish Institute at Athens (GR) + Sterna Residences (GR) + Ascea Residency (IT) + Cité Internationale des Arts in Paris (FR) + The National Workshop for Art in Copenhagen (DK) + VIR Via-Farini-in-residence in Milan (IT) + The Danish Institute in Rome (IT) + San Cataldo Residency (IT)


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Magasinet RUM (DK)

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PAO Oslo (NO)


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